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At Rare Love we are a team of neurodiverse, medically complex professionals working to serve the best interests of the people of the rare disease community in partnership with the Rare Advocacy Movement (RAM) and patient advocacy allies.

We are RARE and we invite 
you to join the movement towards community-focused ally ship and community-based work.

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Market Research

All of the following market research studies offer compensation that is set at the Fair Market Value (FMV), as established by the Rare Advocacy Movement. Rare Love recognizes the FMV for rare disease market research and has partnered with the Rare Advocacy Movement to stop the historical exploitation of requesting patients and caregivers participate in market research studies that either do not compensate participants at all or respect the minimum base fair market value of $100 - $205 per hour. Note that the minimum FMV for seasoned community-based advocates is $250 per hour. The FMV calculations must include the burden to participate, a factor often neglected in market research, until now.

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